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Digital Archive

Arrange, Assign & Sign!

The Digital Archive is a document manager that handles processes of an official nature (for instance contracts, orders, ...) where Digital Signatures are stricly necessary. It was designed to be integrated within an enterprise workflow or as a stand alone tool.

Some features include: an interface for allocating digital signatures in a document; define a reason and location for signing it; an applet for signing with Smart Cards; a service for evaluating documents.

  • Manage your documents
  • Pick your reviewers
  • Customize the signature fields
  • Sign it using a smart card
  • And more!


Annotate, Select & Protect!

The purpose of QR-Safe is to assure the integrity and authenticity of text blocks previously selected by the user. This process is triggered when materializing a digital document into a physical one.

The process combines mainly the use of QR-Codes with Cryptographic primitives. All the chosen data is compressed and signed by a registered user, and its validation can be made both in offline and online environments.

  • Protect your documents
  • Keep the data real and genuine
  • Prevent tampering and adulteration
  • How does it work?

Smart Authenticator

Approach | Connect | Scan
& Enter !

Smart Authenticator gathers several authentication methods. Here in HS we aim to develop and implement the most secure authentication protocols, improving on the security and usability, and study new ways to apply it in the most hostility environments.

Password-based, Smart Card, NFC, QR-Code or Yubikeys are some technologies we are currently using.

  • Improve your authentication
  • Use something that only you own!
  • Customize your devices
  • Yubi Keys || NFC || QRs
  • Find out more!

Smart Card Middleware

Portable, Customizable & Easy Deployment!

Our Middleware provides an easy access to take the full benefits of working with Smart Cards. We are constantly working on new ways to benefit the usability and deployability of such technology, but keeping the security advantages intact. We also aim to provide middlewares for different environments, such as Web or Mobile!

  • Improve your business with Smart Cards and its advantages
  • Operate over any modern Browser and Operative System
  • Support for Mobile applications
  • Explore the applets!


Analyze, Inspect & Control!

IRA/HL7 is a system that aims to take advantage from the shared messages between different information systems present in hospital environments. Its goal is to create a collecting mecanism of the most interesting metrics, in an hospital management point of view.

Besides collecting statistical data, IRA can also be used to forward HL7 messages as well as a configurable alert system according to the user desires.

  • Compact Data Visualization
  • Statistical Inferences
  • Configurable Alert System
  • Check it out!


Encrypt, Hide & Be Safe!

Sanitize your documents and ensure that the materialization is secure. Use our redactor to safely hide sensitive data, so that only selected people can see its meaning.

Combining QR-Codes, Cryptography and Access Control Mechanisms, you can produce documents that not even our servers can decrypt!

  • Encrypt your documents
  • Hide sensivel data
  • Prevent unwanted disclosures
  • Work with classified documents
  • Online and Offline versions
  • Learn more!